Basic Steps of LANAP Protocol

When gum disease progresses to advanced periodontitis, the bacteria destroy tissue and bones that support the teeth. As the periodontal pockets grow deeper, the damage often causes teeth to loosen due to the lack of bone support.

The Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure (LANAP)

What can you expect during your Laser Periodontal Therapy Program

A. Measure Periodontal Pockets. In order to determine how much gum-to-tooth attachment loss has occurred, Dr. Giller uses an instrument to measure the periodontal pocket depth

B. Bacteria Removal. Next, Dr. Giller uses the laser light from the PerioLase® MVP-7™ to destroy the infected tissue and remove the bacteria beneath the gum line. The laser selectively removes the diseased tissue without affecting the healthy tissue. The majority of patients experience little to no discomfort or pain during the process.

C. Calculus Removal. Dr. Giller uses ultrasonic instruments to remove tartar and calculus deposits that form under the gum line.

D. Clotting. The laser is used again to remove any remaining bacteria and stimulate the clotting process. The blood forms a sticky seal around the periodontal pocket, preventing new germs from entering and also provides a sanitary environment for the body to start the healing process.

E. Tissue Compression. No stitches are needed because the tissue adheres against the root surfaces of the teeth.

F. Bite Adjustment. Dr. Giller may adjust your bite to eliminate trauma to your teeth

This revolutionary procedure can be completed in much less time than traditional scalpel-and-suture surgery. In most cases, only two 2-hour sessions with the laser are required, followed by a quick check to adjust the bite if needed. You will also be seen every three months for special post-laser maintenance visits. (These follow-up visits are critical for the long-term success of your laser treatment as well as any other form of periodontal treatment.)

The procedure is quick and stress free, and for most patients, discomfort after the procedure is minimal.

LANAP is the only FDA approved laser procedure for treating gum disease. Histological studies prove that LANAP can regrow new bone and help gums form new attachment to the teeth. Each patient's success will depend how closely he or she complies with the instructions after treatment

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