Traditional Gum Surgery vs Lanap®

Understanding the Differences

Traditional surgery has been used to manage periodontal disease for years, but it is no longer regarded as the most effective treatment available. During traditional surgery, the periodontist lifts and pushes the gum back to remove the bacteria and diseased tissue. Healthy tissue along with the diseased tissue is removed. Additional bone grafting may be necessary to restore lost bone tissue. Sutures or stitches are used to hold the gum tissue against the teeth. As a result, patients often experience bleeding gums, gum line recession, and exposure of the tooth during the recovery process.

LANAP This laser has the technology to target and eliminate the diseased tissue and bacteria ® (Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure) uses the PerioLase® MVP-7™ while leaving the healthy gum tissue unharmed. Since scalpels and sutures are not used when performing LANAP®, there is significantly less pain and healing time associated with laser gum surgery. The laser sterilizes the gums and stimulates the bone that surrounds the root of the tooth and encourages regeneration. LANAP® can reverse the effects of bleeding gums and other symptoms of periodontal disease in addition to possibly saving your teeth.

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