Your opinion is important to us! Please let us know about your visit.

"I like your website. Nice photos. Neat and very professional."

- Anonymous

"Dr Giller and his staff are always smiling. I always enjoy my visit and look forward to coming back."

- Anonymous

"Dr. Giller is a highly skilled periodontist and dental surgeon . He performed a delicate procedure that we thought might have complications but was very successful and painless. The staff Adriane and Annie are extremely professional and courteous. I would highly recommend Dr. Giller for any type of dental work that involves Periodontics / Implants / Laser Surgery."

- Paul L / Yelena S

"Many thanks to you and your staff for making my son so comfortable during the removal of extra tissue on his gums. Being only 10, he was so nervous about the needle and the procedure. Your step by step explanation of everything during the consult and the procedure along with your kind and caring way helped him get through it easily. He had no pain or swelling after the novocaine wore off and it has healed amazingly. He even said "the needle wasn't bad". I explained that's because Dr. Giller is awesome. I have been a patient of yours for over 15 years and knew he was in the best possible care. You are now his new favorite doctor. Thanks again so very much. "

- Christine H.

"When I was told I needed gum laser surgery, I panicked, and then I met Dr. Giller. From the moment I made my first appointment, I knew I was dealing with the best...from his friendly staff to Dr. Giller himself. The procedure was painless! All my fears disappeared with Dr Giller's gentle and caring manner. After the procedure, Dr Giller gave me 2 motrin for pain...... I took one pill and still have the other. Every visit to Dr Giller's office for a cleaning, I am met with a cheerful and friendly staff. Thank you Dr Giller for helping me thru the process. I only wish I was told about you years ago! "

- Jeanette M.

"I became a patient of Dr Giller in Dec 2014 due to several gum pocketing. Dr Giller performed gum laser surgery in 2 visits. The results were & are amazing & far exceeded my expectation. I highly recommend Dr Giller not just for his knowledge, experience but also for gentle & caring demeanor. "

- Jean H.

"Very happy to continue to be a patient of Dr Giller's for 20 yrs. Both Dr Giller and his staff always make you feel welcome and comfortable, they are friendly, engaging and professional. I can remember being VERY nervous the first time I came in for a surgery consult. Dr Giller's gentle demeanor made me feel at ease and confident and confirmed that I chose the right periodontist. In addition, everything was explained in easy to understand verbiage. Another very important plus is the cleanliness of the office."

- Barbara G.

"I have had two surgeries performed by Dr. Giller and I wholeheartedly recommend him! Both procedures were painless and any post-op discomfort was so minor I didn't need any pain medication at all. Dr. Giller and his staff have a high degree of professionalism in a caring, friendly atmosphere. I am so happy my dentist referred me to Dr. Giller!"

- Barbara W.

"On July 7 Dr Giller did an implant on a hard to reach area on the upper left side of my jaw. It was painless,no problem. I took motrin in the afternoon, put ice on my cheek and was perfect the next day. I could have saved myself from a lot of worry and anxiety had I known it was such an easey experience. Thank you Dr Giller"

- Margretecason C.

"I was very nervous when I learned I needed oral surgery, but it needed to be done. It lasted around 45 min. went home, place the ice pack on my cheek and fell asleep. The swelling disappear after 4 hours, and I only needed 1 of the week supply of Motrim. After this, I was looking forward for my 2nd surgery. As I expected, it was painless. I took 1 Motrim just in case. Thanks Dr. Giller."

- Sofia C.

November 2002 - John D.

I thought that when I wrote this letter that I would type it since handwriting becomes tedious and tiring and then hard to read. By discarding that mode, I felt that the true ink-pen- not typewriter, laser or inkjet printer would portray a sense of truth and sincerity. Also spell check and delete, cut and paste are no options. So, here goes.

First, I do not look longingly to dental visits. Unfortunately they are a necessity. Also, as a service provider, I can identify which inherently provides a service.

I am very happy and glad to say that all of the visits I experience in your office were – relatively painful, but of more importance is the sense that I was surrounded by people that truly felt care and concern for my well being.

Regardless of where I was, pre-treatment waiting in the office, during treatment or following treatment, my questions were received welcomingly with a desire to answer them or find the answer. I know that when one is a service provider, which I am professionally, that people feel the sense of commitment when their questions and concerns are handle with high regard and a sense of importance. Once again, that is the experience I have had during my visits to your office.

Please extend my thanks to your assistants and office personnel. Thank you! - John D.


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July 2010 - Janice D.

How did the treatment you received enhance the quality of your life? In other words, what specific benefits did you derive from the treatment?

- I have smile back!

What advice would you give to others who are considering similar treatment?

- Get the implant – worth + money + procedure!

Please comment on your perceptions of the financial investment versus the benefits you received?

Was it worth the cost?

- 110% yes!

Please comment on the quality of care you received, including follow up services.

- As usual, excellent care from Dr. Giller & his amazing staff.

If you have any additional comments, please feel free to express your thoughts.

- Thanks Dr. Giller Adrian & staff for giving me the inspiration & confidence to have the implant procedure.


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How did the treatment you received enhance the quality of your life? In other words, what specific benefits did you derive from the treatment?

I’ve had pain on and off for years in one specific tooth/area.

Dr. Giller sat down with me and discussed procedure & options. The procedure I chose was exactly the way he explained

What advice would you give to others who are considering similar treatment?

I would advise them to come in and discuss their options. Dr. Giller is very thorough and he will explain treatments in depth.

Please comment on your perceptions of the financial investment versus the benefits you received?

You can’t put a price on professionalism.

I've had insurance and Dr that accepted it however I was never satisfied. I continued to have problems over the years.

Was it worth the cost?

In the long run, yes. Again Dr. Giller explained the costs of implant and a bridge. An implant is expensive, but it will last hopefully for a very long time. A bridge will need…

Please comment on the quality of care you received, including follow up services.

Dr. Giller and his staff are very professional & courteous.

Dr. Giller is a very compassionate and caring doctor.

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How did the treatment you received enhance the quality of your life? In other words, what specific benefits did you derive from the treatment?

It prevented me from losing the tooth or having to get an implant.

What advice would you give to others who are considering similar treatment?

Go for it! especially at your office, everyone was very kind & professional.

Please comment on your perceptions of the financial investment versus the benefits you received?

You must invest in your teeth.

Was it worth the cost?


Please comment on the quality of care you received, including follow up services.


If you have any additional comments, please feel free to express your thoughts.

Everyone was great!

Thanks for a wonderful job! My husband will be your kept patient.

P.S. Thanks for the check!


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April 1994 - Kathy M.

Dear Dr. Giller,

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your help in salvaging my teeth & gums. The work was extensive and required 6 separate surgeries. I was extremely gratified to find out that stories of gum surgery are greatly exaggerated. I can honestly state that the most painful part of the procedure was the novocaine injection. If I had to rate that pain on a scale of 10, I would give it a “3”. The professionalism of yourself and staff did a lot of to reduce any anxiety I might have had. Your caring manner did reassure that, if any problem arose, I would be able to get in touch with you.

Once again, thanks for your patience in getting my teeth and gums healthy. I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone needing gum surgery.


Kath M.


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July 1993 - Luci G.

Dear Dr. Giller,

This letter is to not only thank you for the wonderful work you have done to restore my teeth and gums to a healthy state , but also thank you for eliminating the fear I had of going to the dentist.

When i first came to your office back in May 1990 on the referral of my dentist , Dr . Piskin , my teeth and gums were so bad , It was even hard to know where to begin. And, to make matters worse, I needed Crown Lengthening Surgery .

Surgery -- that word and pain became synonymous. But you explained the procedure and what to expect and how long the surgery would take. You understood perfectly well of my apprehensions and fears and you never adopted that cold, clinical attitude that some doctors do. I sensed you truly cared about making this as least unpleasant for me as you could.

June 28, 1990 .. Surgery Day. I was scared. I brought my mother with me figuring after the surgery I would be in no condition to drive (or walk). But you walked in smiling and comforting and promised me everything would be fine. You gave me a few shots of novocaine and just about immediately started the surgery. I remember thinking “he shouldn’t be starting yet he just gave me the shot." But I didn’t feel a thing. I really began to relax since the real fear of pain was eliminated. All through the surgery you let me know the progress and saying things like "half way finished" and “almost done” made the whole procedure feel much shorter.

I walked out feeling fine. I drove home. An hour later I was eating soft foods and that evening I could have gone dancing. I felt great.

My next surgery was in October 1990 and I was so relaxed that after the the surgery I actually walked out of your office laughing. You have done another surgery since then, and again, you have continued to make me completely unafraid.

I’m at your office every three months for my cleaning and Dr. Giller, you and your entire staff make me feel so welcomed. You all have a warmth tor your patient that make us feel you genuinely care. I have several friends that are also your patients and we all feel the same way. Coming to your office is never a bad experience. If ever you have a patient who wants to know what they can expect to experience, please feel free to have them call me. There is no one – and I mean no one – who could have more fear and apprehension than I did. Again, I thank you for getting my teeth and gums back to a healthy state and I thank you for your patience and kindness.


Lucie G.


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June 1993 - Audrey P.

Dear Dr, Giller

As a current patient who has undergone extensive Periodontal treatment at your office. I am writing to let you know what a fine job I feel that you’ve done.

When I first entered your office or treatment I was understandably very frightened. However since I have been going for treatment my teeth feel worlds better and the treatments that I expected to be so uncomfortable were not uncomfortable at all. There was really no reason to be scared, I would like to thank you for your help. I recommend you to anyone who needs periodontal work . I will also recommend to anyone i know who is considering not going for periodontal work that they do go, it was very worthwhile. Thank you again.


Audrey P.


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May 1993 - Maria Z.

Dear Dr. Giller

I would like to thank you and your staff for the friendly and comfortable atmosphere your office brings to its patients. In the years, I have gone to Dr. Office’s, but never have I had encountered such a pleasant environment. Your secretarys approach to your clients is caring and friendly, as well as very professional.

On my first contact with your office I was very nervous. I called from Dr. Weireb’s office and the diagnosis was not good. What else to expect, I didn’t know. Once I spoke to your office, the friendly and caring voice on the other end (Mary Ann) made me feel like my well being mattered to someone. I was seen the same day, that really mattered to me. When I got to your office I was still nervous, but after your evaluation, it helped me a lot that you took the time to explain the severity to my dental problem. Your office atmosphere made a big difference and impact on my decision of having the required work done at your office, even though it was so far for me to get to from Long Beach and without a car.

For the next couple of visits I started to accept my dental problem and became more relaxed. The first step was to clean the plaque. Once that was done and over with I became more assured that I made the right choice. Your staff support and compassion has been of great help. Still I was afraid to have the surgical procedure done to save my lower teeth.

Also I would like to share with you, How scary and emotionally disturbing it was to be told that all my upper teeth must be extracted. As well as two of the bottom, and to be able to save the rest I must have gum surgery. The thought of it scared me to death. But you took the time to explain why it was necessary as well as what you will be doing. I was reluctant at first. But now I am glad I decided to have the first surgery done. As you know so far I had the left side done. My experience during the surgery it was nothing like I expected. You made sure I was comfortable and were very caring of my well being. That was very important to me. The day of the surgery I experienced no pain, and hardly any swallowing as well as bleeding in the area where my tooth was removed (as you well know it needed to be extracted). I was able to work the next day.

I never expected it to be so painless and to be able to work the next day. Now I am looking forward to having the other side done, since I know what to expect, the only reason that I had postponed for so long it has been for financial reasons.

It makes me feel very good that your assistants took the time to explain how to care for my teeth and do it correctly. I never thought it was so important, proper oral hygiene until now. I am starting to feel and see the difference in my teeth. My teeth feel cleaner as well as gums appearance have changed. People at work have noticed the difference on my smile, even though I still need work to be done. I also would like to thank you for being there when I needed you, the time when I had that horrible pain on my last tooth and you were kind enough to relieve the pain. Your office squeezed me in your schedule right away, because my dentist was not available. I have to thank your office also for working around my schedule and what’s convenience for me. Not too many Dr. offices care enough for the patient work-life schedule, but your office does and I appreciated that very much. Once again, Thanks!

To you and your staff goes my gratitude. I would like to share my experience with others that may be reluctant as I was, for whatever reason. Now I feel foolish and would like to be of some help to others, so they don’t make the same mistake. You have my authorization to share this letter with reluctant patients. If they prefer to speak to me in person, please have them call me at 516-292-8100 extension 9. I would be glad to share my experience with them. Thank you once again, look forward to continue with my treatment.

Sincerely yours,

Maria Z.


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